Monday, 22 June 2015

New Zealand flag

    I think this flag should be the new flag because this is like the all blacks and black caps and like people that are in other countries see the Silver fern on the New Zeland jerseys.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Digestive system with Suzanne

Description: in Science  we've been learning the digestive system.

Big idea: the digestive system that parts that have to work together to digest food.

here's my video so check it out--> 

Feedback: I love how you have drawn a picture of the system and how it hade a bit of humour 
Feedforward:maybe next time you could add in a smaller arrow so it is easier to see where it was Pointing to.

Evaluation: I think I need to work on making the video less disgusting 

Two stars and a wish

Big idea:
Star1: I think I nailed avoiding blockers Ib my learning

Star2: I also think I nailed repeating the rules of poutama

Wish: I need to work on is not crying in my during my learning

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

E Te reo

Description: in E Te reo we've been learning lunch box Te reo with Elly and Troy. When the kapa Haka kids are at kapa Haka e Te reo we made videos.

Big idea: this is my video check it out -->

Feedback/feedforward: I think you should work on your pronunciation. You tried your best at your pronunciation.Memphis.

Evaluation: i think I need to work on doing less mistakes and I also need to work on is my pronunciation.


Description: in writing we have been learning conjunctions. 

  big idea:                                                
One Day in 1915 there were two people called Max and James. They invent lots of stuff and one day they made a time traveler. So James tested it out and it time traveled him to 2015. then  an evil hacker called Bob was sitting in his treehouse on his chair. He linked his computer to James and Max's time traveler and creped James in 2015 then sent the time traveler back to max. Then max went in the time traveler max and came to 2015 and saved James.Then This BIG VERY BIG robot came and tried kill us then max and James heard a scream "OH NO BRO HELP ME NOW!" said the voice inside the robot.

Max and James went to their underground lab and got bazookas and blew the robot up
CA-BOOOOOOOM. Then max and James saw some "hi what's your name" said James "hi I'm Logan" said Logan "I should give you some battle armor" said James. "AWESOME DUDE!" Said Logan then James made armor for Max and Logan. Then Max, James and Logan fort for the city and fights evil when it comes.

                                                               THE END

 evaluation: i think i got my action parts really good but i need to work on getting more paragraphs.

feedback\feedforward:I like how you used punctuation effectively. i think that you need to work on using lest ands.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Maths sample term 2

description: this term we are doing strategy maths and we are doing addition and subtraction strategies like rounding and compensating, place value and equal additions.

Big idea:
1) $341+$359= 300+300=600 , 600+59=659, 659+40=699,699+1=700

2) $21+$32= 20+30=50 , 50+1=51+2=53

3) $42+$98= 40+90=130 , 130+2=132 132+8=140

4) 159+21= 100+20=120 , 120+59=179

Feedback/feedforward: you set it up nicely and I can see your point in it. You could say what you did without numbers.jayden.

Evaluation: what I did well on my maths because I worked hard on the maths I did. The strategy I used was place value.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Reading tic tac toe

Description: in my reading my goal is comprehension. The book I'm reading is Weir Do.
Big idea: I used my comprehension and thought the character is Weir and some stuff about him is just like me. So in the photo those words are like me and Weir. I am learning to make connections so I know that  A lot of things happen to Weir and they happen to me to.

Evaluation: I know that I'm getting better because I could understand what was the same between Weir and I.
I am good at text to self and text to world because I can see connections between Weir and I and Weir's dad and my dad.
I need to improve on summarising because it is sometimes it hard to explain what I have read. I am good with the book in front of me but not with the book somewhere else.

Success criteria: 
I Put a picture in the readers mind
Use text to text text to self and text to world

Feedback/feedforward: I think it is just like you and weir is just like you. I think you should work on giving a little bit more detail. Logan.