Wednesday, 23 March 2016

El Rancho 2

W.A.L.T: to write a persuasive argument

Description: in class we are writing persuasive pieces. We have been writing about El Rancho. I agree that it is a safe and happy place. 

My writing:
El Rancho
Come along to camp El Rancho. It is a nice and peaceful place to be! You should come because it's a safe environment to be in. It also has lots of space to play. 

When you go to sleep in your Cabin, it's nice and cozy. The bunk beds already have a mattress for you. There are some cabins with toilets and showers too. 

There are lots of activities to do there. There are some in the water and on land too. In the water there was kayaking, water slide, slip n slide, pool, and rafts. On land there are low ropes, archery, guns and more.

Schools and families can go to El Rancho as well. They give you food for you to eat and the food is delicious. They would give you four meals a day. 

With all this good news I would recommend going to El Rancho. The cabins are safe and cozy and fun activities. Clearly El Rancho is a safe place.

Evaluation: I worked really hard on my writing.

Feedback:very good work James lots of reasons to agree
Feedforward:next time I think that you should add a little bit more into the paragraph.

Monday, 21 March 2016


W.A.L.T: position and orientation

Description: In class we have been doing geometry. In L5 ( late 5) we were doing maps with keys and symbols. We all so worked with a compass. We drew our own maps.

Evaluation: I did my best on my maps and I need to get a photo in my post

Feedback: I think you did good on your description and your Evaluation.
Memphis 👾
Feedforward: I think you need to do mor on your evaluation and description so people can get more entrees in reading your blogpost.


Thursday, 17 March 2016

El Rancho

W.A.L.T: to build positive relationships

Description: In week 6 we had camp at El Rancho. We had camp diaries every night. We had to make goals before leaving for camp. We had an evaluation when we got back.

I got the middle.
Feedback: I think that you put a lot of work into this.
Feedforward: I think that you should go over it with pen because it is not that clear. Logan b

Thursday, 3 March 2016

The legend of Okatia

W.A.L.T: re telling the legend of Okaita 
Description: in writing he wrote the legend of Okaita 

Dd De eDev The writing:
The Legend of Okatia
Long long ago, there was a big, mighty, tall, tree. But it was no ordinary tree it was a strong, fierce tree. Inside lived a majestic spirit
called Okatia. The Totara  tree was his home. After his neighbours the chirping bluebirds told him stories about the wonderful, sparkly sea. He was very sad because the sea sounded bigger than him.  

His sadness turned to rage so he pulled up his roots and  he raged and raced to the sea destroying the forest, annoying Tane. Little branches snapping and rocks flying ...  Tiny ferns, damp earth and rocks jumped to safety on the massive tree, until he came to a rock wall which matched him in size and beauty.  Okatia pushed and pushed, branches coming off in the process.  Using all his might he made the rock wall crack.  Finally, he stumbled like a rock rolling off a hill, breaking his bones, breaking his fear. Soon, no more fear ran through his body. He stumbled slowly along to the sea.

Suddenly he heard a wild, horrific sound was heard baffling him. He was terrified. He had a look of shock, eyes bulging. He turned around and to his surprise, the rushing water shot into his mouth. The salty bizarre tasting water became familiar. “This must be the sea.” thought Okatia. He grinned in delight. Soon slammed his arm in the water, chucked his branches, letting them swim, and skulking around him letting the elegant, sparkling water flow, into the thrashing ocean. Okatia laid slump as he crawled across the sandy beach.  

He headed toward the bubbling and foamy ocean. He let the waves of Moana carry him away into the saltiness of the rough rushing sea. He laid down, letting Tangaroa the sea God carry him into the long lasting sea, never wanting to show his branches ever again.

The sloppy brown waters from the amazing, mighty Totara’s path, went through the snowy high frosty winds, all the way to the mini ocean. They travelled swiftly into Te Apiti and the Manawatu gorge. The large gap in the 
tall hills where Okatia crashed at the end of his adventure marks the wide mouth of the Manawatu River at Foxton Beach.

Comic of Okatia.
Feedback: that is really good. Jayden
Feedforward: you need a clearer picture of the target.